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Combustible dust likely factor in fatal industrial explosion

Last month, the lead investigator with the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) stated that "almost certainly" combustible dust contributed to the explosion that killed five workers. The tragic accident occurred on May 31 at Didion Milling, located in Columbia County in the southern portion of the state.

Many workers count on their income for life's necessities

Being hurt on the job is a nightmare for many workers. While some people have the luxury of being able to take time off of work without worrying about finances, other people can't do this. Some employees count on their income to make ends meet and pay for the things they need in life.

Avoid letting deadlines pass in workers' compensation cases

Accidents at work are nightmares for hardworking men and women. When these do occur, some workers might try to hide the injury because they are worried about keeping their job. This isn't something that should occur because the worker might suffer more harm trying to keep on working at a normal pace.

Lawmakers concerned about safety conditions of local plants

Both state and federal lawmakers in Wisconsin have contacted government agencies to investigate environmental and workplace concerns at several industrial drum reconditioning plants located in the Milwaukee area.

Amputation: The second in 2 months for local company's workforce

Amputations are no joke; they happen suddenly and impact a worker for a long period of time. It takes months or years to relearn to use the body part if it can be reattached; if not, the person may need to have several surgeries and need to learn to use a prosthetic. The high impact of an amputation is why those who are hurt at work in this manner should seek out as much from workers' compensation as they are entitled to. There may be other benefits they can claim as well.

Wisconsin worker death leads to heavy fines for company

When you get hurt at work, it's usually because someone made a mistake or was negligent in warning you about risks. Most employers take safety very seriously, and few will ever be found to have violated regulations and laws created to keep you safe. The problem isn't those workplaces; instead, it's the workplaces run by employers who take a lackadaisical approach to safety that you have to watch out for. In those workplaces, it's more likely for you to get hurt or be killed.

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