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What are Material Safety Data Sheets?

When you are working in an environment that contains hazards, it is important that you educate yourself in the nature of the hazards or toxins that are present, as well as the way that they are managed buy your employer. You may even have concerns about how they are being handled in your workplace and want to know more about the precautions that are in place.

Ways to protect yourself from toxic exposure to asbestos

People have known about the risks of asbestos exposure for several decades. However, that has not stopped companies from using it in their products. While some forms of asbestos have been banned, it continues to be used in new products and, more often than not, found in old products like floor tiles or insulation.

Toxic exposure in nail salons must be properly managed

Manicures and pedicures are procedures that many people think of as pampering. For the salon workers who provide these services, staying safe while they work is a top priority that isn't always easy. Manicurists and pedicurists face very serious risks each day that they go to work.

Workers should be protected from exposure to toxins

Toxic substances pose a unique hazard in the workplace. Employers have a duty to make sure that they provide employees with the safety gear, procedures and knowledge they need to work as safely with these materials as possible.

Exposure to toxins in the workplace

Many Wisconsin employees are exposed to toxins at work. When workers are expected to perform jobs around hazardous chemicals, their employers should provide them with information about the toxins. Information about toxins and safe handling procedures is usually found in a 'Material Safety Data Sheet." An MSDS will tell workers about the health effects of a particular toxin, what protective equipment to use while working around it and how to safely dispose of it.

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