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Overview of traumatic brain injury types

In last week's post, we discussed diffuse axonal brain injuries, but those aren't the only type of traumatic brain injuries that can affect people. There are several other types of brain injuries that can affect victims of accidents.

Some people who are in car accidents might suffer from penetrating injuries. This type of brain injury occurs when an object enters the skull and brain. In some cases, a penetrating injury can be fatal. There are some instances in which a penetrating brain injury can cause serious damage that can have long-lasting effects.

Another type of brain injury is the concussion. This occurs when the head is hit by something. In a car accident, this can happen if the head slams into something. It can also occur if the head is jostled about, such as if a person suffers from whiplash. Anyone who has a direct blow to the head should seek medical attention because these injuries can cause permanent brain damage.

A contusion is another type of traumatic brain injury. This occurs when the head takes a direct hit. The contusion is an area of localized bleeding. Some contusions might require surgical treatment because of the risk of a blood clot.

Depending on the cause of the traumatic brain injury, it might be possible to seek compensation for the injury. In the case of a car accident, the compensation claims might be filed against the driver of the vehicle and any other entity deemed to be liable. It is important that people who wish to file claims for compensation do so within the established statute of limitations, so swift action is necessary.

Source: FindLaw, "Types of Brain Injury," accessed April. 17, 2015

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