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Road construction can lead to serious injuries for workers

The transition from summer to fall may feel pretty sudden for people who have to go back to school or enjoy spending long days in the hot summer sun. But for other people, it is a gradual shift and just because summer is ending doesn't mean that summer projects have to come to a close as well.

For instance, summer is a popular time for road construction projects in Wisconsin but they don't finish up just because the seasons change. In fact, many projects will last well into the end of the year. We want readers to understand that even though it may seem like "road construction season" is over, there are still plenty of active projects across the state. Being aware of this can hopefully help people avoid causing a serious construction accident.

Construction zones can be very dangerous for the people working in them and the people passing through them. There are often lane shifts and lowered speed limits to be aware of; workers may be protected from traffic by little more than a line of cones or construction barrels; motorists can get confused and frustrated by detours and congestion.

All of these factors have the potential to cause a serious accident unless motorists take certain precautions in work zones. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, drivers should:

  • Avoid all distractions in work zones
  • Slow down and comply with speed limits
  • Leave enough space in front of the vehicle to stop suddenly, if necessary
  • Be especially mindful of road workers and give them as much room as possible
  • Be patient and avoid aggressive driving behaviors

Drivers who do these things can help keep the roads safer for themselves and the construction workers who are putting their safety on the line.

Unfortunately, not all drivers take these precautions and the result is a catastrophic accident and serious or fatal injuries for road workers. In these cases, it can be crucial for victims of a construction accident and their families to understand their legal options. Not only could they collect workers' compensation, but there may also be grounds to file a negligence lawsuit against the party responsible for a crash.

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