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What are the symptoms of a neck injury?

A neck injury may be minor, but it's best to treat all potential injuries as serious since the ramifications of a spinal injury are so dire. In order to properly identify a neck injury, you need to know the symptoms. This starts, of course, with basic neck pain, but it could also include the following:

-- Restriction of movement. You may have trouble turning your head to the side as far as you normally can, forcing you to turn your entire body from the waist up.

-- Headaches, blurred vision, dizziness and vertigo. You may mistake these for the signs of a head injury, but they can all be connected to a spinal issue.

-- Nausea and fatigue. Again, these are commonly associated with concussions and brain injuries, but they can stem from neck issues, as well.

-- Numbness below your neck, spreading through the shoulders and arms. This could also come with a feeling of weakness in the impacted area.

-- Muscles spasms. These could happen in the injured neck muscles themselves.

-- Back pain, even in your lower back. This could make it hard to sit at a desk or get comfortable when lying down.

These are just a few symptoms, but they illustrate an important point: A neck injury can cause symptoms that range all through your body. Don't assume that the only issues are going to be in your neck, and don't decide you don't have a neck issue just because most of the pain is in your arms or your back. This is a wide-ranging issue that needs proper treatment.

If you suffered the injury at work, you need to know your rights to workers' compensation. After all, you may be unable to work while suffering from these symptoms, and you may have high medical costs.

Source: Patient, "Whiplash and Cervical Spine Injury," accessed Jan. 06, 2017

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