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Preventing muscle injuries on the job in Wisconsin

When you head to work in Saint Croix, do you ever think about how you can prevent an injury to yourself? This is a pretty serious question, because it's likely that not many people consciously consider this.

It doesn't take much for you to get injured on the job, even if you don't work in an inherently dangerous profession. Here are some tips for preventing muscle injuries in the workplace.

Your best option is to work on prevention instead of treatment. You should do everything possible to prevent suffering a muscle injury while at work. This includes taking breaks, sitting properly, lifting properly and wearing protective gear when it is necessary.

If you are allotted breaks, take them. Don't be a hero. You won't get recognized or receive a bonus for working through your breaks. It just won't happen. Take breaks every so often, especially if you sit in front of a computer all day. This will help reduce the strain on your eyes. Your break should involve walking around, not playing on your phone.

If you lift a lot at work, then you need to do it properly. Always lift with your legs, with your knees bent slightly. Never try to lift something heavy using just your arms or from an almost upright position. Doing so risks injury to one or more of your muscles.

Make sure you wear protective gear when it is necessary. This includes a back brace, knee braces, arm braces, goggles and a hard hat. You never know when one of these items will help protect your muscles, tendons or other body part from injury.

No one wants to suffer an injury at work, even if the injuury will be covered by their employer's workers' compensation insurance. Missing time at work can put you in a financial rut that can be difficult to climb out of in Wisconsin.

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