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Workplace safety tips for 2019

As we head into 2019, it's time to focus on workplace safety. Many accidents and injuries can be prevented, but it is up to employers and employees to know how to make it happen.

To help, here are some key tips for the upcoming year and beyond:

1. Stay alert and attentive every day while you're working.

2. Get enough sleep and try to limit distractions.

3. Employers, teach your employees about safety procedures and ensure that they follow them. Preventing accidents starts with proper safety training, even when it cuts into productivity.

4. Understand that shortcuts can be costly. Do not act unsafely just to save time or money.

5. Employees, pay attention to warning signs, safety stickers and other such instructions. Employers, put these signs and stickers up in the right places where they are easily visible.

6. Try to reduce risks on the job. For instance, never rush and put yourself at additional risk when it's not needed.

7. Understand the cumulative risk. Not all injuries happen all at once. For instance, back pain could come from days, weeks or years of on-the-job stress.

8. Promote good communication between employees, employers, supervisors, managers, instructors, trainers and anyone else on the job site.

9. Keep the workplace clean and try to reduce clutter.

10. Understand that you face risks every single day, no matter how much experience you have. Never stop putting safety first.

These tips can help workers in any industry to have a safe, productive year. That said, even following them does not prevent all injuries on the job, so those who get hurt need to understand their legal rights.

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