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What signs indicate carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide poisoning is very dangerous, as you may have no idea you're facing a toxic exposure issue. The gas itself is odorless and invisible. It can kill you before you even know you're breathing it in.

The key is to watch out for symptoms and signs. If you find yourself in a position where exposure is possible, and you start to see these signs in yourself or your coworkers, take action quickly. Get to a safe place. Find a way to increase ventilation. Seek medical help.

So, what signs should you watch out for? A number of common symptoms are listed below:

  • Feeling drowsy and overly tired
  • Having trouble waking up
  • Showing signs of physical fatigue
  • Dealing with dizziness and having problems walking
  • Feeling the onset of a long-term headache
  • Acting confused or showing signs of impaired judgment
  • Not acting like yourself
  • Fainting or even having a seizure
  • Showing signs of sickness, such as nausea or vomiting
  • Forgetting things or having gaps in your memory
  • Feeling a shortness of breath, almost like you've been exerting yourself and you can't catch your breath
  • Having a pain in your chest
  • Becoming agitated or even depressed
  • Having hallucinations or experiencing other visual problems

Essentially, if you start to feel sick or you stop acting like yourself and there's no reason why, it could be carbon monoxide. That's when you need to find a safe place with fresh air. If you've been exposed to high levels for a long time, you also need medical help. When this happens, make sure you know all your rights to financial compensation.

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