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Common causes of leg injuries at work

When you head out the door each day for work you likely don't think about suffering an injury. Even though you might have it in the back of your head how to keep yourself safe, you probably aren't thinking about what you will do if you are ever injured on the job. Today, we will discuss the most common causes of leg injuries at workplaces in Saint Croix, Wisconsin.

Preparing to work in the heat of the summer sun

The summer is right around the corner in Wisconsin, which means that thousands of workers will be handling their job duties outdoors in the heat. As much as you might be excited to say good bye to the cold temperatures, working in the heat can wind up causing serious health problems if you are not safe. Here's how to prepare to work in the heat of the summer sun.

How lost wages from a work injury affect your life

An injury suffered on the job can wind up costing you a lot, especially in lost wages. The longer you miss time at work, the more likely it is that you will miss out on a proper salary. You need to report your work injury immediately, seek medical care and consult an attorney to protect your rights. Here's how lost wages from a work injury can affect your life.

Preventing falls while working outside on the job

If your job requires you to work outdoors a lot during the winter months in Wisconsin, you need to protect yourself from various fall hazards. These hazards may be easily seen or very difficult to find. If you come across any hazards you need to either fix them yourself or report them to your supervisor. Here are some tips for preventing falls while working outside on the job.

How to avoid frostbite while working outdoors this winter

Do you work outside in Saint Croix, Wisconsin? If so, you know how brutal it can be in the winter months. There are so many things you can do to protect yourself when working outdoors in the extreme cold so that you do not develop frostbite or hypothermia.

Deadly explosion leads to lawsuits

A bar exploded in Wisconsin, and the blast was big enough to destroy surrounding businesses. It all happened while workers were trying to put in fiber communication lines. Through some mistakes in what information they were given, they did not know where the gas main was located, and they hit it. The gas blew up the bar and sent a fireball soaring skyward.

Chronic pain and the American worker: A common problem

People often assume that workplace injuries are one-time events that heal up eventually and have no lasting impact. A broken leg from a fall off of a ladder is all but forgotten about, for instance. A minor scar is the only reminder of a cut from a power tool.

6 signs of a neck injury

Neck injuries are incredibly serious and it is important to identify them quickly. Attempting to move a person with a neck injury, even if you're just trying to assist them, can actually make things far worse and may lead to paralysis.

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