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Wausau man mourned after workplace death

Renters often have mixed feelings about building managers and superintendents. The right one can be just the attentive and responsive presence you want taking care of your home, while anyone else can prove an annoyance or worse. But building maintenance is a dangerous job, rated near construction and emergency services as risky to life and limb.

Common causes of neck injuries on the job

Neck injuries can be an absolute pain to deal with no matter how severe. They can lead to more serious issues involving your spine, muscles, shoulders and head if not treated properly. You don't have to work in a dangerous industry to suffer a neck injury on the job. It can be caused by lack of attention, poor safety policies, accidents and much more.

Preventing head injuries on the job in Wisconsin

When you head out the door for work each morning, you likely aren't thinking about safety. Even though you know you have to be safe in all you do it likely isn't at the front of your mind. That needs to change if you want to prevent head injuries while on the job in Wisconsin. Here's how you can avoid those injuries so you don't miss time at work.

Progress being made on refinery recovery following explosion

The company that owns the refinery that experienced a series of explosions and fires last week in Wisconsin has said that progress is being made in the recovery efforts. Husky Energy gave an update to the recovery process going on at the refinery in Superior, which was temporarily evacuated the day of the incident. The incident injured 20 workers and left oil all over the area.

Things that can cause an outdoor slip-and-fall accident

If you work outdoors, even only part of the day, it's important to become familiar with the many causes of a potential slip-and-fall accident. This information can help you avoid trouble, thus preventing an on-the-job injury.

Do you know the best way to treat a laceration?

Regardless of your profession, there's a chance you could suffer a deep laceration at some point in your day. This may be more common in jobs in which you use your hands, but even those who sit in an office all day could find themselves dealing with this type of injury.

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