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Building a case for compensation after a brain injury

Suffering from a brain injury can impact every aspect of the victim's life. Just last week, we discussed how brain injuries can affect the emotional health of the victim and those close to the victim. All of the effects of the brain injury can cause the victim and the victim's family members to suffer financially.

7 emotions associated with brain injuries

When someone suffers from a brain injury, he or she goes through a variety of different emotions. Many of the emotions of the victim are shared by the family members who are close the victim. While it is possible that not everyone who has a brain injury will have all of these emotions, it is very likely that they will. Knowing about the seven emotions can help people prepare. They also show just how complex it can be to treat every aspect of a brain injury.

What are diffuse axonal brain injuries?

Learning that you or a loved one has suffered from a brain injury is difficult. In the days and weeks that follow that diagnosis, there are often questions that come up about the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. If you or your loved one suffered from a brain injury diagnosed as a diffuse axonal brain injury, this information might help you.

Losing a loved one through wrongful death or catastrophic injury

Any traffic accident is a horrible event for the people involved. Just last week, we discussed an accident that claimed the life of a bicyclist when he was struck by a pickup truck. That is a harrowing reminder of how important it is for drivers to pay attention when they drive. Unfortunately, not all drivers are vigilant when they are on the roadways.

Spinal cord and brain injuries greatly affect Wisconsin residents

Brain injuries are very serious injuries that have the potential to affect a person's life in ways they might not realize. These injuries can cause communication issues, motor skill dysfunction and a host of other problems. In some cases, these effects can last for the rest of a person's life.

Does location matter for a brain injury?

Being in an automobile accident isn't something that is on the top of anyone's to-do list on any given day. Sadly, these accidents do occur. In some instances, they can lead to someone suffering from a brain injury. Our readers in Wisconsin might be interested in learning a little bit about how injuries to the brain can affect a person.

Holiday shopping accidents can be minimized with proper planning

With the busy holiday shopping season upon us in Wisconsin, it is time for retailers to step up security and safety measures to ensure that workers and shoppers all stay safe during the busy season. When you think about Black Friday sales, you might think of great deals that kick off the holiday season. Those good deals, along with ones that continue until the New Year, often draw large crowds. They also mean retailers need to have more merchandise. All of these factors can combine in a way that can involve injuries.

Why are traumatic brain injuries so serious?

Traumatic brain injuries are serious injuries that can affect a person's life in a variety of ways. In some of the accidents we have covered, traumatic brain injuries have occurred. Our Wisconsin readers might like to know some basic information about traumatic brain injuries.

Representation is vital for accident victims in Wisconsin

When you get hurt in an accident, you might decide to seek compensation for your injuries. The laws surrounding personal injury cases are complex and can often be very difficult to understand. If you have suffered from a brain injury, representing yourself might prove to be difficult. This is especially true if you have a brain injury that affects your concentration or memory.

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