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How common is post-traumatic stress disorder?

Accidents with semi-trucks can cause a lot of different injuries for the victims. Many of the injuries, such as broken bones, head injuries and cuts, are easy to see, there are other injuries that are more difficult to see. In the case of a severe truck accident, some victims might suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, which is a serious mental health condition.

5 restaurant patrons injured when dump truck slams into building

Going out to eat isn't something that most people associate with being injured. In fact, when you go out to eat, you likely expect that you will get to rest while you enjoy a good meal. For some restaurant patrons in a Wisconsin restaurant, a careening dump truck slamming into the restaurant was likely enough to ruin their meal.

Common causes of truck driver fatigue

Accidents involving semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles can be very serious. These accidents often lead to serious injuries and in some cases death. While there are many reasons for these big rig accidents, around 40 percent of them are caused by driver fatigue. This is one of the easiest factors of truck crashes to remedy. Our Wisconsin readers might be interested in learning a bit about driver fatigue.

Causes of truck accidents can affect claims for compensation

Driving down the road and seeing a semi-truck accident is a horrifying experience. Now, imagine that you are the person who was in the accident with the semi-truck. That experience would be even more terrifying than just seeing the accident. For people who have been involved in a semi-truck accident, learning about some of the common causes of these accidents might help them to decide if they would like to seek compensation through Wisconsin courts.

Wisconsin boy dies after semi-truck accident

Semi-truck drivers have to be aware of how traffic around them is flowing. Failing to pay attention to those around them can cause accidents that might lead to serious injuries. The reasons for semi-truck drivers to not have their full attention on the roadway can vary greatly. Fatigue, long hours on the road, cellphones and a host of other causes might play a part in semi-truck accidents. Regardless of the cause, these accidents can have a huge impact on those affected.

Wisconsin family hit by semitrailer, 3 injured

People who drive large vehicles have to keep an eye out for smaller vehicles. One way to do this is to make sure that all traffic signs and signals are followed appropriately. Not following traffic laws or driving in a negligent manner can lead to a serious accident, especially if a passenger vehicle carrying children is involved. A recent accident highlights the importance of large vehicles following traffic laws.

U-Haul moving truck accident in Wisconsin caused by faulty brakes

When you rent a vehicle, you expect that the vehicle is in good working order. You expect that it has been properly maintained. You expect that it is safe to drive. Sadly, that isn't always the case. A recent moving truck accident involving an SUV and a U-Haul highlights the importance of properly working brakes.

Charity bike rider involved in an accident

A 24-year old bike rider was hit by a semi truck in the middle of a fundraising tour to visit 30 Major League Baseball ballparks. The man had been riding to the different parks to raise money for children with hearing loss. The man himself had gone deaf by the age of 10 but had received a special implant that restored his hearing; the money he raised was intended to go towards the purchase of these special implants for underprivileged youth.

Truck industry unhappy about new driver fatigue regulations

Wisconsin's trucking industry is about to experience some changes this month thanks to a set of government regulations being imposed nationwide. The new rules are intended to curb the rate of fatigue-related accidents among truck drivers. Data provided by the Department of Transportation indicates that there are between three and four thousand truck accident deaths every year, and driver fatigue was a contributing factor in 13 percent of them.

Truck accident results in death of six Wisconsinites

Officials who investigated a fatal crash in Kentucky that resulted in multiple deaths say that the semi-truck driver who crashed into the back of an SUV was distracted. The accident occurred on Interstate 65 and caused the deaths of six people from Wisconsin, including two children. All of the victims of the wrongful death crash were passengers in the SUV. Additionally, two teens were injured and hospitalized. A Wisconsin couple, their foster children, and an elderly neighbor were on their return trip home from a vacation in Florida on the day of the crash. The driver of the semi-truck is from Michigan, and he sustained no injuries. This fatal accident caused delays on the interstate, and a subsequent smaller accident occurred in the opposite lanes of the freeway about 15 minutes later.

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