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How do I file a safety claim against my employer?

When you go to work each day, there's always the possibility that you will suffer an injury. It doesn't matter what line of work you are in; an injury could be lurking around every corner. You need to do everything possible to protect yourself on the job. If you are fearful of your safety and think your employer is ignoring hazards, you can file a claim with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

How to protect your eyes on the job

No matter where you work, or which industry it is, there are dangers to your eyes that you face every single day. It's important that you protect your eyes as much as possible to avoid an accident that could leave you with vision problems. Today, our workplace safety tips include protecting your eyes on the job in Saint Croix, Wisconsin.

How do I suggest safety changes at work?

It can be difficult to go to work in the morning knowing that not all safety precautions have been taken by your employer to protect you and your co-workers. Do you simply not show up for the job, or do you take the issue to a supervisor or a human resource official? Do you file a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)? Here are some things to keep in mind when suggesting safety changes at work.

Take it upon yourself to review safety policies at work

When you get to work each day you likely aren't thinking about winding up in the hospital because of an accident. The sad reality is that this can and does happen all too often at workplaces all over Wisconsin. Even if your employer does not hold regular safety meetings, you should take it upon yourself to review safety policies at work so you are familiar with them.

Roadside construction site safety tips

Do you work in construction? Are you worried each day you go to work that you might be injured? It can be increasingly worrisome to work at a roadside construction site in Saint Croix, Wisconsin, for various reasons. The biggest reason of them all is that drivers have trouble slowing down or moving away from construction zones. Here are some roadside construction site safety tips for you to follow to help keep you free from injury.

Working with glass is more dangerous than many people realize

Installing windows, doors and other glass items in homes and stores across the United States is more dangerous than a lot of people realize. Glass is just so widely-used today that we tend not to think of the inherent risks. For those who work as glazing contractors and glass manufacturers, though, the risk cannot be denied.

Jobsite safety: It's a mindset

A job site can have rules and regulations. Employers can talk about safety in meetings. They can provide safety equipment and train employees so that they know how to use it. They can pass OSHA inspections. They can even talk to employees about accident risks and use examples of accidents that have happened in the past.

Caring for broken bones suffered on a worksite

Suffering a broken bone on a worksite is overwhelming. Your mind begins to race and the first thing you think about is missing time on the job. This will affect your financial well-being and your health. You need to focus on caring for the broken bone and getting healthy above all else. Today, we will take a look at how you can care for a broken bone suffered while on the job.

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