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What does the statute of limitations mean for wrongful death?

Each state, including Wisconsin, has laws that govern how long you have to take action in a civil case. These time limits are called statutes of limitations. Understanding some of the basic points about statutes of limitations can help you know how to proceed with the wrongful death case you wish to file in connection with your loved one's passing.

Losing a loved one through wrongful death or catastrophic injury

Any traffic accident is a horrible event for the people involved. Just last week, we discussed an accident that claimed the life of a bicyclist when he was struck by a pickup truck. That is a harrowing reminder of how important it is for drivers to pay attention when they drive. Unfortunately, not all drivers are vigilant when they are on the roadways.

What is a wrongful death claim after a car accident?

In our blog post last week, we discussed the story of the 20-year-old man who died when his vehicle was broadsided by another vehicle. That horrible tragedy might have some of our Wisconsin readers wondering exactly what happens in a wrongful death lawsuit. Getting the answers to some very basic questions might help our readers to understand more about what it means when someone files a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wisconsin parents sue over child's death at nanny's hands

Parents in Wisconsin are claiming that a nanny they hired to watch their child, who was just 3 months old, actually killed the baby while it was in her care. Moreover, they say that the woman was drunk on the job when the incident occurred. They say that this is in keeping with a past history that the woman has of both violence and abuse of alcohol.

Construction accident kills 30-year-old Wisconsin man

Making sure that construction equipment is in good repair and properly maintained is one of the basic responsibilities of companies that own these heavy and dangerous machines. When a company fails to meet that most basic of responsibilities, tragedy can occur. A recent accident at Ithaca High School in Wisconsin shows just how catastrophic accidents involving heavy machinery can be.

Wrongful death lawsuit against Wisconsin settled, dismissed

When a person is admitted to a mental health facility, the patient and their family members naturally assume that the patient will get proper medical care. In a mental health facility, part of that care is monitoring the patient to ensure that the patient doesn't cause harm to himself or others around him. One recent settlement shows that proper monitoring of mental health patients isn't something that is always done.

Accident kills man at Seneca Foods in Oakfield

Going to work one day isn't something that most people would consider the last thing they will do on this Earth. Sadly, for some workers, that is exactly what happens if they are killed in a workplace accident. For one Wisconsin man, going to work at the Seneca Foods in Oakfield led to an accident that ultimately took his life.

Wisconsin families awarded compensation for Summerfest accident

Some teenagers in the Milwaukee area enjoy going to Summerfest as a way to enjoy music and spend time with their friends. For three people who went to Summerfest in 2010, that decision proved to be tragic. A 13.5-ton concrete panel fell from a parking garage owned by Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. That failure resulted in two injuries and a death. A teen who was killed was only 15 years old.

Woman dies in Wisconsin snowmobiling accident

Snowmobiling is supposed to be a day of fun - when friends can enjoy the snow and cold weather. It's not an activity that you would normally expect to end in death. Sadly, that is exactly what happened for one 20-year-old woman in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin trucker faces charges for fatal accident

Semi-trucks that are in the hands of drivers who aren't paying attention to what is going on around them can be deadly weapons. The sheer size and weight of these trucks are huge factors when it comes to how other vehicles on the road fare when an accident with a semi occurs. One truck driver from Wisconsin is now facing charges in another state for a fatal accident that occurred while he was driving a semi-truck in January of 2013.

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