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Factors that affect compensation for car accidents

When you get into a car accident that you don't feel is your fault, you might opt to seek compensation for the injuries you suffer in the accident. What you might not realize is that even though you don't think you are at fault, there is a possibility that you will be found partially at fault for the accident. That, however, is only one factor that might affect the amount of compensation you receive.

Safe driving practices can prevent personal injury in Wisconsin

The winter holiday season and wintry precipitation come together in Wisconsin to form a perfect storm of sorts that can wreck havoc on the roadways. With the uptick in traffic because of holiday travel, it is easy to see why all drivers have to be extra cautious around the holidays. For this reason, we would like to take a few minutes to remind drivers of some basic state laws that help to keep motorists safe.

Car accident claims life of 2, 6 hurt, DUI to blame

Driving on Interstate 94 requires attention from all drivers on the road, especially when it is dark outside or the weather is bad. When drivers fail to pay proper attention to the road, car accidents can occur. These accidents can be serious, especially if you consider the speed of travel on the interstate. A recent accident in Elk Mound, Wisconsin, shows how serious these accidents can be.

Holding distracted drivers responsible for car accidents

When you are on the roadways, you expect that all the drivers on the road will pay attention to what is going on around them. You don't expect them to be distracted by eating, cellphones, the radio or anything else. Sadly, accidents happen that are caused by drivers who are distracted by any number of things, such as text messages or putting on makeup, that are occurring in their vehicle.

Car accident case involving cop gets Supreme Court ruling

Almost all drivers know that if a police car or other emergency vehicle is running with lights and sirens active that they are supposed to yield the right of way. What many people might not realize is that the drivers of the emergency vehicles still have a duty to exercise due caution to avoid causing accidents. A recent decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court highlights that fact.

Graduate misses ceremony because of serious car accident

Most high school graduates want everything to be perfect on the day of graduation. Even if it means having to run around like crazy just prior to the ceremony, the energy of the graduation is usually all these graduates need to get things done. Sadly, one Wisconsin graduate's need to get last minute errands completed put her in the path of a drunk driver. The horrible accident that happened ended up costing the girl her chance to attend her high school graduation.

Car runs red light, slams into Grafton, Wisconsin, school bus

Paying attention to where you are going is one of the necessary steps to arriving at a destination safely when you are the one who is driving. When you get distracted or don't follow the posted traffic signals, serious accidents can occur. A recent accident between a school bus and a car shows how important it is for drivers to remain aware of what is going on around them so they can properly react.

Van crashes into motorcycle, kills 2 Wisconsin college students

With the winter weather leaving the area, more and more Wisconsin motorcycle riders are venturing out to enjoy the weather. This means that other drivers on the roadways have to keep an eye out for these motorized vehicles to help keep motorcycle riders as safe as possible. While helmets do help to prevent injuries in many motorcycle accidents, they aren't a foolproof way to keep riders safe. A recent car accident in Town of Lindwood, Wisconsin, proves this point.

Distracted driving accidents are the focus of Wisconsin campaign

Think about some of the things you do while you are driving. Many of the things drivers commonly do are the targets of a campaign to raise awareness of distracted driving. Activities like eating, texting, putting on makeup or checking your hair in the mirror are all activities that might contribute to a car accident.

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