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Fatal accident claims the life of a bicyclist struck by truck

As the warmer months close in, bicyclists are going to start sharing the roadways with vehicles more and more. All drivers have to make sure they keep a lookout for bicycles because an accident between a bicycle and a vehicle can be serious. In fact, these accidents can often be deadly. A recent accident in Sheboygan County claimed the life of a bicycle rider.

Chain reaction causes accident that kills 1 woman

Paying attention to what other drivers are doing on the road can help to keep the occupants of your vehicle, as well as the occupants of other vehicles safe. When drivers don't pay attention to the vehicles around them, they can easily miss vehicles slowing down or turning. In those cases, serious accidents can occur. A recent accident along Highway 23 in Wisconsin proves this point.

Fatal accident cause revealed to Wisconsin family after 7 years

By now, almost everyone has heard of the massive recall General Motors has issued for a large number of vehicles. The recall pertains to ignition switches in certain vehicles that might fail and lead to an accident. The severity of the failure is evident when you hear the story of the Wisconsin families who lost loved ones in an accident likely caused by a faulty ignition switch seven years ago.

Wisconsin families sue General Motors over fatal accident

When you purchase a vehicle or ride in a vehicle, you expect that vehicle to perform as it is supposed to perform. In most cases, that is exactly what happens. There are instances, however, in which malfunctions in the vehicle can lead to an accident. Sadly, some of these accidents lead to serious injury or death. Two Wisconsin families are suing General Motors for the death of their daughters.

Wisconsin trucker faces charges for fatal accident

Semi-trucks that are in the hands of drivers who aren't paying attention to what is going on around them can be deadly weapons. The sheer size and weight of these trucks are huge factors when it comes to how other vehicles on the road fare when an accident with a semi occurs. One truck driver from Wisconsin is now facing charges in another state for a fatal accident that occurred while he was driving a semi-truck in January of 2013.

Fatal accident on Wisconsin highway

A Sept. 24 accident has left a 24-year-old Wisconsin man dead and two others injured. The incident is believed to have occurred along State Highway 27 outside of Cataract, Wisconsin.

Number of accidents in Wisconsin down from 2012

Wisconsin is seeing a reduced number of traffic accidents in 2013. As of this report, only 281 traffic deaths have occurred while 333 deaths were reported this time last year. One reason for this may be a reduced number of passenger deaths. in 2012, one fatal accident, for example, resulted in the death of five people. For automobile accidents, preliminary causes of death occurring in 2013 were reported. For example, 60 deaths resulted from crashes that involved alcohol, and other deaths were caused by speeding. Furthermore, 82 people who died were not wearing seat belts while 78 were.

One Wisconsin woman killed in fatal motorcycle accident

One Menomonie woman died after being thrown from a motorcycle when it collided with a vehicle that was attempting to make a left turn. According to the report, the fatal accident occurred when the vehicle turned as the motorcycle attempted to pass on the driver's side. The motorcycle struck the vehicle, causing the operator to be ejected from the bike.

Man charged with murder in car crash

A fatal crash near Prairie du Sac in July 2012 has resulted in homicide charges against a Windsor man. The 28-year-old driver has been charged with felony homicide by negligent vehicle operation in connection with the wrongful death of a 17-year-old victim. If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison.

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