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Is your county liable for volunteers?

A county commission in Pennsylvania recognized a risk and they checked with the county's liability and workers' compensation insurers as to the potential for a claim stemming from a group of volunteers with the Sheriff's department. This group, known as the "Sheriff's Posse" apparently helps with the department in some manner.

Workers' compensation and part-time wage replacement

The complexity of workers' compensation law and its interpretation is demonstrated by a recent case from South Dakota. In that case, the worker in question was injured on one of her part-time jobs. Like many individuals in today's workplace, she had to find employment at more than one employer, likely due to the low wages paid and the unavailability of full-time employment.

Follow the money

For workers who are injured on the job in Wisconsin, most expect that workers' compensation insurance will provide some coverage for their medical treatment and loss of income if they are unable to immediately return to work.

What will stop your fall?

If you work for a business that does residential construction, it is very likely that you may have to work at heights greater than 6 feet or more above the ground. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations govern much of the workplace safety rules dealing with these matters. For this work, employers are required to determine if fall protection is required.

Does your workplace foster safety?

An important part of any safe workplace is the recognition that workers likely understand the risks they face on the job better than anyone else does. They have to perform the job function on a daily basis, so they both know what needs to be done and, at least, some of the potentially hazardous or dangerous aspects of that performance.

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