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Dividing Marital Property Comes With Problems. We Can Help.

Is your financial investment in your marriage at risk during the property division phase of your divorce? In the context of marital property, the two most common issues revolve around classification — as to whether the property is in fact marital property — and valuation, or how much the asset is worth and when it was valued. Complications can arise when assets brought into the marriage have become commingled with marital assets.

At Mudge Porter Lundeen & Seguin, S.C., we will work with you to identify marital assets and personal assets. Our accomplished family law attorneys handle everything from divorce and spousal support to the division of marital property. We have decades of experience aggressively and successfully protecting the interests of our clients in discussion and litigation of marital asset and property division.

We Help You Make The Best Decisions Available To You

Our family law attorneys are here to educate you, guide you to sound decisions and protect your interests in all divorce matters. If necessary, we can access our network of experts and professionals to assist in valuing certain assets such as professional businesses (medical, legal and accounting practices), closely held companies whose value can be tied to some of the individuals working there, stock options, and other investments and family collectibles.

How Does Wisconsin Handle Marital Property?

In Wisconsin, a marital property state, “marital property” means that the court will presume all assets and debts accumulated during the marriage should be equally divided between the parties.

In some situations, property owned before the marriage is considered marital property and subject to “equal distribution.” Property division can be complicated, however, especially if there are considerable assets involved. A business interest or professional practice may pose a valuation issue. A home or other real estate whose value appreciated during the marriage may raise a marital property issue.

Protect Your Property In A Divorce

The family law attorneys at Mudge Porter Lundeen & Seguin, S.C., can answer your questions and address all marital property issues during a contested or high net worth divorce. We are available to you right now, to discuss your particular situation in confidence. Contact us for an initial consultation by calling 888-365-5389 or by emailing our law firm.