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Fall prevention gear all workers should have in Wisconsin

Construction workers are constantly in danger when at work in Saint Croix. Even if your construction site is known for safety and has strong policies in place, accidents can still happen that lead to severe injuries and even death. Workers who are constantly on scaffolding or working high off the ground should have fall prevention gear with them at all times.

Aside from a hard hat and nonslip shoes, which should be steel-toed boots, you should always have lifelines with you. Lifelines are ropes that are secured horizontally, vertically and are self-retracting. These lines will be your lifeline should you fall from scaffolding or an open window. They will help you secure yourself until a rescue can be performed.

Personal protective equipment can prevent serious injuries

When you work as an industrial employee, you are faced with various dangers throughout the day. Your job could involve handling chemicals, explosive material, heavy machinery and other items that can lead to serious injuries or death if you are not safe. That's why personal protective equipment (PPE) is so important to industrial workers in Wisconsin.

PPE includes hard hats, goggles, gloves, protective shoes, full-body suits, fall prevention gear, masks, air tanks, ear plugs and more. Most employers will supply the majority of this equipment for their employees, so they are properly protected when working with dangerous items.

There are many reasons to update your estate plan documents

When people make an estate plan or last will, they often think of it as a one-time project. In reality, creating a comprehensive estate plan requires ongoing attention. As a general rule, it is usually smart to revisit your last will and all other documents from your estate plan every couple of years.

However, there are certain times in your life when you should accelerate the process. After certain changes to your life or your family, immediate revisions to your last will and estate plan are often your best option.

Tips for working safely in the heat this summer

So many people look forward to the summer months in Wisconsin, especially after the brutal weather the winter brings to the area. But, not everyone likes the heat that the summer months bring, especially those who work outdoors on roadways, construction sites, farms and stadiums. The heat can cause a lot of health problems if you are not safe. Be sure to follow these heat-related safety tips.

When you are working outdoors, it can be very difficult to avoid the direct sunlight. The best way to do this is to wear a hat, apply sunscreen multiple times throughout the day and try to get some shade when you have the chance. When it is time to take a break, you need to do so inside where there is air conditioning and protection from the sun.

Preventing muscle injuries on the job in Wisconsin

When you head to work in Saint Croix, do you ever think about how you can prevent an injury to yourself? This is a pretty serious question, because it's likely that not many people consciously consider this.

It doesn't take much for you to get injured on the job, even if you don't work in an inherently dangerous profession. Here are some tips for preventing muscle injuries in the workplace.

An overview of toxic exposure on the job

Going to work each day might be dangerous depending on the job you have. Police officers, firefighters, construction workers, mariners and miners all have inherently dangerous jobs. Anyone who works in a lab with chemicals is also in a dangerous profession. Let's take a look at toxic exposure on the job in Wisconsin so you know what to expect and how to handle it.

It is your right to know what chemicals are present in your place of employment, even if you don't physically handle chemicals in a lab. You can still ask what chemicals are used at the office, where they are stored and how they are cleaned up after if there is a spill. All of this information should help you avoid toxic exposure or know what to do should one occur.

Returning to work following an injury

Suffering an injury on the job is never easy, even if it was a minor one that kept you out of work for a couple of days. You have to complete so much paperwork, get evaluated and go through rehabilitation to ensure that you heal properly. You never want to return to work too soon and risk getting injured again in Saint Croix. This could only lead to a more severe problem. Here are some tips for returning to work after an injury.

Before returning to work, you should go to the doctor once again for a thorough evaluation of your injury. The doctor will need to take a long look at how you have healed and if you need to be placed on any restrictions upon your return. This could mean that you could be on light duty if you are required to lift or move heavy items as part of your job.

How to report a severe injury in the workplace

Going to work can be dangerous for thousands of people in Saint Croix. If you work in construction, the emergency services, laboratories or other inherently dangerous jobs, you could find yourself on the wrong end of a serious industrial accident. Protecting yourself with different safety procedures and policies can help prevent accidents. If one should happen, you need to know how to report it properly.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the government agency that sets the laws, policies and rules that employers and employees must follow when on the job. This agency is also responsible for receiving and documenting severe injuries and deaths that occur to employees at work in Wisconsin and across the country.

Creating a trust can protect your legacy— and your loved ones

No one likes to think about their own death. It's morbid and can be quite depressing. However, if you have substantial assets, minor children or other people who depend on you, failing to create a thorough estate plan could leave them at risk if something happens to you. Why live with the worry about how your assets will be distributed and handled in the wake of your passing? Taking time now to create a last will is a good decision.

If you have a significant estate or if there are complicating factors in your family, creating a trust could be a good decision. Placing your assets in a trust can help your heirs avoid probate court. It can also help reduce the tax burden on your heirs after you die. Most importantly, a trust can give you more control over the handling and disbursement of your assets.

Safety tips for working on scaffolding in Wisconsin

Working on a construction site in Saint Croix, Wisconsin, can be very dangerous. You might take all of the safety precautions in the world to heart but you could still wind up in an accident and suffer an injury. Scaffolding is an intricate part of a construction site that must be constructed properly or else it could lead to collapse and very tragic conditions.

Proper training is vital to the safety of all those who work on scaffolding. The workers should know how the scaffolding is constructed, how it works, the type of materials it can support and how they can prevent falls from it. If the employees are not trained, they should not be allowed to work on the scaffolding.

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