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Take it upon yourself to review safety policies at work

When you get to work each day you likely aren't thinking about winding up in the hospital because of an accident. The sad reality is that this can and does happen all too often at workplaces all over Wisconsin. Even if your employer does not hold regular safety meetings, you should take it upon yourself to review safety policies at work so you are familiar with them.

There's nothing stopping you from conducting your own review of workplace safety policies whenever you feel it is necessary. Most workplaces have an intranet where these policies are readily available. Simply log into the intranet and read all of the policies you need to brush up on so you are prepared for anything that might happen.

Have you been procrastinating on an update to your will?

Many of us make a will at some point in our adult lives and then always mean to get around to updating it, but never do. It is better to have some form of a valid will than no will at all. But simply leaving a will in a safe or safety deposit box for years can lead to serious complications for your loved ones and beneficiaries when it comes time to disperse your estate.

You will reflects your wishes, but must also reflect your estate and your beneficiaries. If your estate changes significantly after you create your will, or if your beneficiaries change, you may leave your estate open to legal challenges. It is always wise to open up your will and read it over every four or five years at least, to make sure that your rights and preferences remain protected.

Learn first aid to protect yourself and others on the job

First aid is an important skill to learn. Many people learn it in school, while others learn it if they join the scouts. Others try to learn first aid on their own by taking a class from a local police or fire department. Either way, it's important for you to learn first aid so you can protect yourself and others when working at an industrial job site.

When working in a dangerous industry, accidents can be lurking around every turn. This is reason enough to learn first aid. Whether you have to administer aid to yourself, to a co-worker or a visitor to your work site. Knowing how to administer first aid is vital.

Preventing falls while working outside on the job

If your job requires you to work outdoors a lot during the winter months in Wisconsin, you need to protect yourself from various fall hazards. These hazards may be easily seen or very difficult to find. If you come across any hazards you need to either fix them yourself or report them to your supervisor. Here are some tips for preventing falls while working outside on the job.

Make sure all walkways and paths are kept clear of all debris. Even the smallest piece of debris from the job site can wind up causing a trip-and-fall accident that can lead to serious injuries.

Inspecting your personal protective equipment daily

Working in the construction industry can be rewarding and dangerous all at the same time. Why? You feel a sense of worth because you are building things with your own hands. But you might also feel unsafe because of the working conditions or the natural danger of the job site. One way to remain safe is by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times while on the job in Saint Croix. Here's why you should inspect your PPE daily.

When you inspect your PPE each day before work, you might prevent yourself from suffering an injury. Make sure you review your helmet, goggles, boots, hazmat suit, gloves, face mask, breathing apparatus and any other piece of PPE that has been assigned to you by your employer.

Steps to take if exposed to toxic material

Working in an environment that houses toxic chemicals can be dangerous. You need to learn about every toxic material present in your immediate work area and the dangers of each of those materials. You should also learn how to store the materials safely and what to do should you ever be exposed to any of them in Saint Croix, Wisconsin.

The first thing you need to do when exposed to toxic chemicals, or if you come across a co-worker who is exhibiting the signs of toxic exposure, is to call 911. Make sure you tell the dispatcher your location and the type of emergency that occurred. For example, tell the dispatcher the name of the chemical that was involved in the accident so emergency responders know what they are dealing with upon arrival.

Workers' compensation and disability benefits aren't the same

If you are hurt while on the job, then you will likely receive workers' compensation. This compensation covers your medical care and may provide additional benefits such as training for a new position or wage protection.

In many cases, those who are hurt on the job are able to go back to the same job or be trained to go to a different job. If you are completely disabled, however, then you may be interested in better understanding what workers' compensation will do for you.

How to avoid frostbite while working outdoors this winter

Do you work outside in Saint Croix, Wisconsin? If so, you know how brutal it can be in the winter months. There are so many things you can do to protect yourself when working outdoors in the extreme cold so that you do not develop frostbite or hypothermia.

When working outdoors in the winter, you should do so with a co-worker. You should never work in the extreme cold alone. Choosing to do so could be tragic and deadly. When you work with someone else, you both can be on the lookout for signs of hypothermia.

Jobs that require eye protection

When you go to work each day, you might be risking your life. It all depends on the industry in which you work. There are some inherently dangerous professions out there, including emergency services, construction, mining, welding and others. A lot of these jobs require personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times. Some of these jobs only require you to wear PPE or certain items when performing specific duties of the job. Let's take a look at the jobs that require eye protection today.

Medical lab assistants perform an array of duties on a daily basis that require them to wear eye protection, such as goggles. This is especially true when the lab employees have to work with chemicals, body fluids or other hazards that could burn their eyes or lead to an infection.

Roadside construction site safety tips

Do you work in construction? Are you worried each day you go to work that you might be injured? It can be increasingly worrisome to work at a roadside construction site in Saint Croix, Wisconsin, for various reasons. The biggest reason of them all is that drivers have trouble slowing down or moving away from construction zones. Here are some roadside construction site safety tips for you to follow to help keep you free from injury.

It is important for you to wear reflective gear at all times when working on a roadside construction site. This gear will help motorists and even co-workers see you when in motion. The gear you can use includes reflective vests and pants, hard hats and more.

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