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A traumatic brain injury calls for immediate medical care

Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI), such as on a job site, can change a person's life forever. If you or a loved one is faced with this type of injury, it's always a good idea to turn your attention to the future. You need to know what type of treatment you can use to make a recovery.

Before that happens, however, it's important to better understand the type of immediate medical care that is required.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration gives you rights

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) gives you many rights in regards to workplace safety. It's important to understand all of these, as you need to know what you are permitted to do in the event of an accident that leads to an injury.

Here are the steps you need to take if you suffer a workplace injury:

  • Seek medical attention, which may include calling for an ambulance.
  • Notify your employer of the condition that caused the accident.
  • File a claim for workers' compensation benefits, if you are unable to return to work.
  • Contact OSHA if you feel that the issue presents an imminent threat to other workers.
  • File a complaint with OSHA if your employer does not take the necessary steps in remedying the problem.
  • Contact OSHA if you are retaliated against for filing a claim for workers' compensation benefits or for any other reason.

What are the top causes of backhoe accidents and injuries?

Do you use a backhoe on a regular basis for your job? Are you always working in close proximity to this equipment? If so, you need to realize one thing: This type of equipment can be extremely dangerous.

Here are some of the top causes of backhoe accidents and injuries:

Take these estate planning steps after a divorce

If you decide to move forward with the divorce process, this will change your life in many ways.

While many people focus on the "here and now," such as the impact on their personal finances, you also need to think about the future. This means many things, such as a focus on your estate plan.

These heat stroke symptoms are scary

Heat stroke is one of those injuries that can set in when you least expect it. As the minutes turn into hours, you may begin to realize that you are overheating. Even so, this may not result in you moving to a cool place for a break.

Heat stroke is common among people who work in a hot environment, such as roofers and construction workers. Some of the symptoms to be aware of include:

Why do ladder accidents continue to happen?

Here is one of the most important things you need to know about ladder accidents: Each and every one of these can be avoided.

Do you use a ladder on a regular basis to complete your job? Are you always in close proximity to other workers who are working at height?

Toxic exposure can lead to short- and long-term problems

As unfortunate as it may be, toxic chemicals remain a big part of many industries. Even though many of these chemicals are no longer actively used, they still remain in structures throughout the country.

Asbestos, for example, was used as a fire retardant and as insulation for many years. Over time, it was found that exposure to asbestos can cause cancer.

Improper lifting technique can cause a back injury

Are you required to lift heavy items as part of your job? Do you realize that one false move could result in a serious injury?

Improper lifting technique is a major problem in many industries, with some workers unsure of how they can keep themselves safe when moving heavy items from one location to the next.

There are many ways to treat spinal cord trauma

If there is one thing you need to know about spinal cord damage it is this: There is no way to reverse any damage that this part of your body sustains.

Even though this sounds bad, it's good to know that there are a variety of treatment options available. With the help of your medical team, you can get a better idea of which treatment strategy gives you the best chance of making a recovery.

Know how to name the right beneficiary

Are you in the process of creating an estate plan? Are you making changes to an estate plan that you already have in place?

Although there are many things you need to think about, at some point you will turn all your attention to choosing the right beneficiary or beneficiaries.

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