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There are many types of back and neck injuries

Have you injured your back and/or neck in a workplace accident? If so, there is nothing more important than receiving medical treatment. This will ensure that you have a treatment plan in place to help you make a full recovery.

There are many types of back and neck injuries, all of which can change your life both now and in the future. Some of the most common injuries include:

Forklift safety in a warehouse setting

Thousands upon thousands of people in the United States work in a warehouse setting. While many of these people enjoy their job, some don't realize the risks associated with their line of work.

According to OSHA, approximately 95,000 people are injured every year in forklift accidents. Along with this, roughly 100 people are killed. While this data encompasses accidents across all industries, warehouses can be extremely dangerous.

Lawmakers concerned about safety conditions of local plants

Both state and federal lawmakers in Wisconsin have contacted government agencies to investigate environmental and workplace concerns at several industrial drum reconditioning plants located in the Milwaukee area.

According to several lawmakers, operations at multiple Mid-America Steel Drum locations pose a risk to both workers as well as people who live in the local area. At these plants, chemical containers are both refurbished and recycled.

The true value of workers' compensation: A woman's guide

If you need workers' compensation, you likely have a medical condition that resulted from an accident or exposure to hazards on the job. What value does workers' compensation truly hold? It provides many different types of benefits to you and potentially to your family. Here are some benefits you may want to look into with the help of your attorney.

Mixing chemicals can produce a toxic solution

If you mix chemicals in the workplace -- or if someone else does -- you could be exposed to toxic vapors and dangerous solutions. These can cause serious injuries and even death.

Thinking that you don't work in a chemical lab or a research center, so you don't need to worry? Some of the most dangerous combinations are made with everyday products that you can buy at the store, so they could be present in almost any workplace.

Ways to protect yourself from toxic exposure to asbestos

People have known about the risks of asbestos exposure for several decades. However, that has not stopped companies from using it in their products. While some forms of asbestos have been banned, it continues to be used in new products and, more often than not, found in old products like floor tiles or insulation.

Because there is still a serious threat of asbestos exposure for people all across Wisconsin, it is crucial to know how you can protect yourself from breathing it in and suffering serious health complications.

Potential brain injury at work needs to be reported immediately

The increased attention to concussions on football and soccer fields has made more people aware that they may be the victim of a concussion even if they don't realize it.

Many concussions occur in the workplace. In fact, one workers' compensation insurer reports that a whopping 48 percent increase in concussions was reported between 2012 and 2014. Brain injuries are particularly common among construction workers, delivery drivers, loading dock workers, police officers and firefighters. However, they can occur in virtually any occupation due to lax safety.

The most common types of workplace injuries

Workplace injuries affect people of all ages. Younger workers new to the job may suffer injuries in part due to lack of experience. In fact, according to an official with Travelers Insurance — one of the largest providers of workers' compensation — over one-fourth of workplace injuries occur during a person's first year on the job. Many are caused by accidents.

Older workers, meanwhile, are more likely to suffer strains and sprains. These are likely to be caused by lifting, carrying or lowering something. These injuries are the most common, accounting for almost a third of all workers' comp claims.

4 tips for naming life insurance beneficiaries

If you have a life insurance policy, it's probably one of the more valuable assets you own. It must be considered when making an estate plan. You may not even have reached retirement age yet - maybe you're just 50 years old, still expecting to survive for decades - but you want to make sure everything is in place. Consider these four tips when you pick a beneficiary.

Wisconsin company cited, fined over 2 worker injuries

Last month, a Green Bay company was hit with five violations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is facing over $219,000 in proposed penalties.

The location where the violations occurred is called Bay Fabrication. It is owned by the Bay Family of Companies, which is based in Green Bay. It manufactures muffler components. The citations and penalties stem from two incidents that occurred within 10 days of one another last July and resulted in severe injuries to two employees who were operating machinery.

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