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June 2014 Archives

Chain reaction causes accident that kills 1 woman

Paying attention to what other drivers are doing on the road can help to keep the occupants of your vehicle, as well as the occupants of other vehicles safe. When drivers don't pay attention to the vehicles around them, they can easily miss vehicles slowing down or turning. In those cases, serious accidents can occur. A recent accident along Highway 23 in Wisconsin proves this point.

Can you prevent a car accident involving a motorcycle?

By now, everyone has likely seen at least some of the public service announcements about keeping a lookout for motorcycles. Some people choose to pay attention to those warnings, but other people think that this isn't something that is important. It is, however, very important for all drivers to watch out for motorcycles because bikers are at an increased risk of injury when they are involved in an accident.

Graduate misses ceremony because of serious car accident

Most high school graduates want everything to be perfect on the day of graduation. Even if it means having to run around like crazy just prior to the ceremony, the energy of the graduation is usually all these graduates need to get things done. Sadly, one Wisconsin graduate's need to get last minute errands completed put her in the path of a drunk driver. The horrible accident that happened ended up costing the girl her chance to attend her high school graduation.

Tree considered safe causes accident, 11-year-old girl killed

Going on a family camping trip should be lots of fun. When you are heading out to a campground managed by the Department of Natural Resources, you probably assume that you are going to a place that is reasonably safe. One of the last things you should have to worry about is falling tree limbs, especially when you consider that Wisconsin state law demands that all trees be inspected twice per year for safety. Sadly, however, these inspections don't necessarily mean that you can camp without worrying about being injured by one of these trees.

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