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June 2019 Archives

How to eliminate distractions on a construction site

The construction site is one of the most dangerous places you can work in Saint Croix. Between the power tools, working at elevated levels, trenches, electricity, heavy machinery and human error; a job in construction is incredibly dangerous. You need to eliminate as many distractions on a construction site as possible in order to remain safe and we will explain how you can do that.

How do I file a safety claim against my employer?

When you go to work each day, there's always the possibility that you will suffer an injury. It doesn't matter what line of work you are in; an injury could be lurking around every corner. You need to do everything possible to protect yourself on the job. If you are fearful of your safety and think your employer is ignoring hazards, you can file a claim with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Many life events may impact a will

A strong last will and testament is the foundation of most estate plans, regardless of how complex a person's estate may be. Whether you have significant resources to manage and disperse or simply want to make sure that your wishes are clearly documented for your loved ones when the time comes, it is vitally important to craft a will and maintain it.

Common causes of leg injuries at work

When you head out the door each day for work you likely don't think about suffering an injury. Even though you might have it in the back of your head how to keep yourself safe, you probably aren't thinking about what you will do if you are ever injured on the job. Today, we will discuss the most common causes of leg injuries at workplaces in Saint Croix, Wisconsin.

How can I hold my employer responsible for an injury?

Suffering an injury on the job can keep you out of work for quite a while, causing the bills to pile up as you no longer have a steady income. Even though you can file for and receive workers' compensation, this is only a percentage of your regular income. If you are injured at work, you might be able to hold your employer responsible for your injury.

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