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Every workers' death hits someone at home

Workers' compensation insurance is a big business. Many companies offer the insurance products that pay the claims. Many doctors and healthcare providers supply the medical side of the equation, with surgery, treatment, prescription drugs, therapy and rehabilitation.

You do have a safety-training program

June is National Safety Month, and if your business does not have a formal safety training program in place, this month is a great time to begin. Workplace accidents are rarely accidents, and with a comprehensive safety training program, you can help to create an aware, safety-conscious workplace that keeps your workers' compensation insurance premiums low by avoiding negligent situations that lead to accidents.

Wisconsin Workers' comp is an exclusive remedy

If you are injured on the job in Wisconsin, in most cases, your exclusive remedy is the state's workers' compensation system. This insurance system has been in place for more than 100 years and is designed to quickly provide compensation for lost income and for medical treatment.

New OSHA regs for injury reporting for most businesses in place

Often, when business complains about regulation, they do so by claiming the "free market" will better regulate an industry or practice than the government. For instance, they may claim that health and safety issues will be resolved better because if an employer is unsafe, employees will quit or refuse to work there. 

Details and deadlines can derail your workers' compensation claim

Workers' compensation laws can be complex. Determining whether an injury arose out of the course of employment may be obvious or may less clear. When the injury occurred may be easy to identify, as in the case of a car accident or a fall from a roof. Other workplace injuries may be less obvious. In the case of some diseases, it may be difficult to identify if it is tied to the workplace or to outside causes, as in the case of lung cancer.

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