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May 2018 Archives

Adding a special clause can help keep your estate out of probate

One of the reasons that people take the time to create an estate plan is because they don't want to have their assets stuck in probate limbo for months. For many people, estate planning is a means of creating a legacy. Whether that's leaving certain cherished items to specific people or allocating some of your funds toward a charity you support, that legacy will be in part why people remember you.

Safety conditions topic of discussion for autoworkers

Safety conditions have recently been the topic of discussion for autoworkers across the United States after some workplace accidents. The accidents have come after automakers have cut costs all while trying to increase production at plants all over the country. The latest injury occurred at a Ford plant in Detroit and it involved a veteran employee of the automotive industry.

Forklift operation safety tips for Wisconsin construction workers

When you leave for work in the morning in Saint Croix, you might not be thinking about suffering an injury on the job. But, if you work in construction, you very well could suffer an injury. No matter how safe you are, someone else could make a mistake or operate a forklift in an unsafe manner, leading to you being injured at work. Here are some forklift operation safety tips for your construction team in Wisconsin.

Progress being made on refinery recovery following explosion

The company that owns the refinery that experienced a series of explosions and fires last week in Wisconsin has said that progress is being made in the recovery efforts. Husky Energy gave an update to the recovery process going on at the refinery in Superior, which was temporarily evacuated the day of the incident. The incident injured 20 workers and left oil all over the area.

Construction zone safety tips for Wisconsin roads

Construction zones on roadways are some of the most dangerous places in the state of Wisconsin. All too often, you see news reports of construction workers getting injured or killed in accidents. These are accidents that could easily have been avoided. Here are some very important road construction work zone safety tips for all construction workers to follow in Saint Croix.

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