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October 2016 Archives

Workplace safety and firearms

While many Wisconsin residents might have strong feelings about the Second Amendment, there are also substantial concerns about various types of violence inflicted because of the misuse of weapons. OSHA notes that approximately 2 million U.S. residents are directly affected by workplace violence annually, and homicide is one of the five leading causes of deaths in the workplace each year.

How to keep Wisconsin temporary workers safe

A joint case study by American Staffing Association and National Safety Council created a fictional scenario involving a temporary worker assigned to an employer. In this scenario, the worker was assigned to do welding work indoors with a portable generator and portable welding equipment, and fumes were emitted by the equipment. The goal was to help staffing agencies and employers determine who is responsible for any safety and reporting issues that may develop.

What can chemical exposure do to the body?

Chemical exposure can happen anywhere and at any job. For example, a teacher is exposed to chemicals when cleaning desks, and a chemist is exposed to chemicals as a part of his or her job. Chemical exposure can be very dangerous. While not all interactions with chemicals will lead to injury, those that do can lead to severe injuries or death.

What can you do to protect your eyes at work?

Eye injuries are more common in the workplace than you may think. In fact, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has reported that there are around 2,000 workers in the United States who suffer eye injuries every day.

OSHA's records of leading construction violations

While workplace injuries can occur on any type of Wisconsin job site, construction is one of the industries that is known for more significant hazards. Statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicate that approximately 20 percent of workplace deaths around the country in 2014 occurred in the construction sector. The most serious instances fall into categories that have remained consistent for many years. In fact, fall-protection incidents have held the top position as a cause of construction deaths for four years.

Avoiding probate

If you worry about probate, you are not alone. The system can be complex and expensive, and the process to settle an estate can be lengthy - something you may not want your children to have to deal with probate after you pass away.

Fewer benefits paid to injured workers

Workers' compensation benefits help many injured Wisconsin employees to pay for their medical expenses and time off from work. However, a study has found that workers are receiving the lowest levels of benefits in decades. Workers' compensation benefits per $100 of payroll were just $0.91 in 2014, the lowest it has been since 1980.

The biggest difference between workers' comp and disability

If you can't work because of an injury, you're no doubt investigating all of your options to cover everything from medical costs to the cost of living. You may find that you can get disability benefits through the state and workers' comp payments. What is the main difference between the two?

Report says health care worker injury claims may drop

Wisconsin health care workers might be interested in the results of a study conducted by Aon Global Risk Consulting that found an increase in the severity of injuries in workers' compensation claims but predicted a decrease in overall claims of 1 percent. The study also identified age as being a significant factor in injuries. Over half of the nurses who are injured are older than 50, and back and shoulder injuries are common.

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