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August 2014 Archives

Holding distracted drivers responsible for car accidents

When you are on the roadways, you expect that all the drivers on the road will pay attention to what is going on around them. You don't expect them to be distracted by eating, cellphones, the radio or anything else. Sadly, accidents happen that are caused by drivers who are distracted by any number of things, such as text messages or putting on makeup, that are occurring in their vehicle.

Wisconsin boy dies after semi-truck accident

Semi-truck drivers have to be aware of how traffic around them is flowing. Failing to pay attention to those around them can cause accidents that might lead to serious injuries. The reasons for semi-truck drivers to not have their full attention on the roadway can vary greatly. Fatigue, long hours on the road, cellphones and a host of other causes might play a part in semi-truck accidents. Regardless of the cause, these accidents can have a huge impact on those affected.

Wisconsin quarantine requirements after an animal bite

Wisconsin residents must know that local laws have put quarantine requirements on animals who bite people. This goes for both cats and dogs. An understanding of how these laws work and how the quarantine must be carried out can help residents know what to do after an animal bite. Furthermore, knowing the local dog bite laws can help those who have been bitten know what rights they have, especially if the laws were not being followed at the time of the animal attack.

Wisconsin parents sue over child's death at nanny's hands

Parents in Wisconsin are claiming that a nanny they hired to watch their child, who was just 3 months old, actually killed the baby while it was in her care. Moreover, they say that the woman was drunk on the job when the incident occurred. They say that this is in keeping with a past history that the woman has of both violence and abuse of alcohol.

Car accident case involving cop gets Supreme Court ruling

Almost all drivers know that if a police car or other emergency vehicle is running with lights and sirens active that they are supposed to yield the right of way. What many people might not realize is that the drivers of the emergency vehicles still have a duty to exercise due caution to avoid causing accidents. A recent decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court highlights that fact.

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