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January 2015 Archives

Even non-venomous snakebites can cause personal injury

In our blog post last week, we covered the story of the customer who was bitten by a snake at Lowe's. Fortunately, it wasn't a venomous snake. That fact, however, doesn't mean that the person didn't suffer injuries from the snake's attack. All snakes have teeth that can cause injuries. This might interest some of our Wisconsin readers.

Snake bite at store leads to personal injury of shopper

When you decide to do a remodeling job on your home, you might head to the home improvement store to look at different items and decide what you want. If you are shopping for kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, you will probably open up those cabinets to see the inside. Imagine if you opened up one of those cabinets and a snake jumped out at you. That is what happened to one man when he went to Lowe's Home Improvement Center.

What are the possible effects of muscle damage in a car accident?

Broken bones, head injuries, spine injuries and cuts are some of the most common injuries that people think about when they hear about automobile accidents. While those are some of the injuries that are often noticed, there are some other health concerns that can occur as a result of the injuries these victims suffer. Our Wisconsin readers might be interested to learn about rhabdomyolysis.

Does location matter for a brain injury?

Being in an automobile accident isn't something that is on the top of anyone's to-do list on any given day. Sadly, these accidents do occur. In some instances, they can lead to someone suffering from a brain injury. Our readers in Wisconsin might be interested in learning a little bit about how injuries to the brain can affect a person.

What should Wisconsin residents know about rabies?

Last week, we discussed how important it is for people to be careful around dogs when visiting family members and friends over the holiday season. Even when there isn't a holiday, it is still vital for everyone to exercise safety around pets. It is also vital that pet owners socialize and train their pets. The sad fact of the matter is that there is always a chance that a dog will bite someone. If you are bitten by a dog while you are on someone else's property, you should immediately find out if the dog is up-to-date on its rabies vaccination. Dogs who aren't properly vaccinated might put you at risk of rabies. Our readers in Wisconsin might like to know some basic information about rabies.

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