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May 2013 Archives

Drunk driver admits texting before crash

Just after midnight on May 19, an unidentified vehicle was traveling northbound on 13th Street when it rear-ended a motorcycle. The motorcyclist fell from the bike, hitting his head on the ground. Traffic in the area had slowed for a red light prior to the car accident. There had been heavier than usual traffic on that road earlier in the day because I-94 was closed between the Milwaukee-Racine County line and Rawson Avenue.

Dog attack prevention week

Everyone is familiar with the story of the dog biting the mail carrier, and it certainly does happen. In fact, nationwide 5,879 postal employees were attacked by dogs last year. However, that numbers pales in comparison the the 4.7 million Americans who are victims ofdog bites each year. This subject may be of interest to Wisconsin readers because the issue of dogs bites is of nationwide concern.

Stricter drinking rules may affect Wisconsin drivers

If the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has its way, then Wisconsin drivers who like to drink and drive may have a harder time getting away with it. The NTSB released recommendations that drivers all across the U.S. should be held to more restrictive standards defining how much alcohol is too much. Their recommendations also called for stiffer penalties for drunk drivers, such as mandatory interlock devices for first-time offenders.

New study shows distracted driving underreported

A new study by the National Safety Council shows that state and federal figures related to distracted-driving crashes may be underreported, leading to misleading ideas about the prevalence of this problem. For families considering a wrongful death claim against a distracted driver, the failure of law enforcement to report cell phone use and other activity that leads to an accident can have serious implications on the recovery of damages.

Four people sent to hospital after multi-car crash in Wisconsin

Medical problems may be the cause of a multiple-car accident that sent four people to the hospital. The motor vehicle accident occurred in Caledonia on Douglas Avenue at approximately 10:20 a.m. when a GMC pick-up truck struck the back of a Nissan. The pick-up truck then proceeded to crash head-on into a BMW, causing it to side-swipe a garbage truck. Officials suspect that the driver of the pick-up truck that caused the accident may have been experiencing medical problems, but they have not yet confirmed that fact. In addition to potential medical issues, witnesses have also said that the pick-up truck driver was "traveling very quickly." While no citations have been issued, the crash is still being investigated, so that may change depending upon the outcome. 

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