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April 2014 Archives

Van crashes into motorcycle, kills 2 Wisconsin college students

With the winter weather leaving the area, more and more Wisconsin motorcycle riders are venturing out to enjoy the weather. This means that other drivers on the roadways have to keep an eye out for these motorized vehicles to help keep motorcycle riders as safe as possible. While helmets do help to prevent injuries in many motorcycle accidents, they aren't a foolproof way to keep riders safe. A recent car accident in Town of Lindwood, Wisconsin, proves this point.

Wrongful death lawsuit against Wisconsin settled, dismissed

When a person is admitted to a mental health facility, the patient and their family members naturally assume that the patient will get proper medical care. In a mental health facility, part of that care is monitoring the patient to ensure that the patient doesn't cause harm to himself or others around him. One recent settlement shows that proper monitoring of mental health patients isn't something that is always done.

Distracted driving accidents are the focus of Wisconsin campaign

Think about some of the things you do while you are driving. Many of the things drivers commonly do are the targets of a campaign to raise awareness of distracted driving. Activities like eating, texting, putting on makeup or checking your hair in the mirror are all activities that might contribute to a car accident.

Man's fall from Wisconsin roller coaster caused brain injury

Going out with your family for a day of fun at an amusement park is something that you probably don't expect to end in tragedy. You probably expect to have fun and enjoy riding the rides. You likely expect that those rides have been properly maintained and tested for safety. Sadly, that isn't always the case.

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