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July 2014 Archives

Car accident involving tractor sends 2 to the hospital

Living in a farming community means having to keep a vigilant watch for slow moving farm equipment, even along the public roadways. Failing to watch out for these large, but slow vehicles, can lead to serious accidents that can injure not only the person driving the vehicle, but also the driver of the farm equipment. An accident that happened along County Highway HH shows how life-altering an accident between a vehicle and farm equipment can be.

Will more dog-friendly parks lead to more dog bite injuries?

The last thing that some people want to worry about when they are going to a park with their family members is whether or not there will be dogs there. The threat of dog bites, dog poop and other dog-related incidents is enough to make some people cringe. In Madison, Wisconsin, people who aren't fans of dogs in public parks might soon have to deal with having them there anyway.

Football brain injury settlement nearing finalization

Almost anyone who follows professional football happenings has probably heard about the class action lawsuit that some former players filed against the National Football League. The lawsuit had to deal with retired players getting help with medical expenses for injuries that were caused as a result of concussions caused by repeated blows to the head that are common in the sport.

Construction accident kills 30-year-old Wisconsin man

Making sure that construction equipment is in good repair and properly maintained is one of the basic responsibilities of companies that own these heavy and dangerous machines. When a company fails to meet that most basic of responsibilities, tragedy can occur. A recent accident at Ithaca High School in Wisconsin shows just how catastrophic accidents involving heavy machinery can be.

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