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November 2018 Archives

Jobsite safety: It's a mindset

A job site can have rules and regulations. Employers can talk about safety in meetings. They can provide safety equipment and train employees so that they know how to use it. They can pass OSHA inspections. They can even talk to employees about accident risks and use examples of accidents that have happened in the past.

6 signs of a neck injury

Neck injuries are incredibly serious and it is important to identify them quickly. Attempting to move a person with a neck injury, even if you're just trying to assist them, can actually make things far worse and may lead to paralysis.

4 questions that help with estate planning

Wondering how to get started on your estate planning? One excellent way to get it moving forward is simply to ask yourself a series of questions about your goals for the process. This gets you thinking about where you're heading, and you can then work backward to create an estate plan that gets you there and meets those goals. This makes it feel far more realistic and less overwhelming.

Potential signs of carbon monoxide poisoning

Exposure to excessive levels of carbon monoxide can be fatal, but you cannot always count on sensors and warning systems to tell you there is a problem. You need to know what signs to look out for. When you notice them, it may be time to seek medical help and warn other workers of the problem.

5 safety tips for working on scaffolding

Scaffolding systems are very common in construction and related industries, as they make it easier for workers at heights to do complex jobs. However, like extension ladders, they also introduce a significant safety risk. A fall from any height can be dangerous, resulting in serious injuries and even death.

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