2 Wisconsin residents hospitalized after serious truck accident

by | Feb 8, 2013 | Truck Accidents |

Late last month, a truck accident on Highway 54 West resulted in the hospitalization of two individuals. The accident involved a passenger car and a semitrailer. According to reports, the driver of the truck was maneuvering the truck’s trailer off the highway and into a parking lot when it struck the passenger car.

A 58-year-old Wisconsin man was taken by ambulance to a nearby Hospital. He was treated and later released. The other person in the car, a 57-year old woman who is also from Wisconsin, was transported by helicopter to the same hospital. She was in fair condition in the hospital at last report. No injuries were reported for the driver of the truck.

Truck accidents may result in serious trauma and unexpected financial expenses for those affected. It is difficult to place a price on pain and suffering related to injuries and emotional trauma sustained in a truck accident like this one. Medical expenses, loss of wages, vehicle repairs and other related expenses all can result in significant stress and hardship for the victims and their family. Although no criminal charges have been filed in this case, those affected by the accident may wish to pursue justice through a personal injury lawsuit filed in civil court.

Those who have been affected by a truck accident can contact a seasoned personal injury lawyer to learn more about the benefits associated with filing a personal injury lawsuit. While pain and suffering cannot be erased, financial may be awarded to ease the burden of accident-related expenses.

Source: Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, “Update: Nekoosa woman in fair condition after semi-car crash,” Jan. 21, 2013


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