Dog attack prevention week

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Everyone is familiar with the story of the dog biting the mail carrier, and it certainly does happen. In fact, nationwide 5,879 postal employees were attacked by dogs last year. However, that numbers pales in comparison the the 4.7 million Americans who are victims ofdog bites each year. This subject may be of interest to Wisconsin readers because the issue of dogs bites is of nationwide concern.

Most pets are trusted members of the family. However, any animal that is provoked can potentially bite someone. Some things to do to avoid attacks include never leaving a small child on their own with a dog, don’t make eye contact if a dog threatens you, slowly back away from a threatening dog, and never approach a dog you’re not familiar with. It is also a good idea to allow a dog to sniff a hand before petting begins. It is also recommended that children never put their faces near a dog’s jaw. Even the friendliest of dogs may bite if they feel startled.

About a third of all homeowner insurance claims are for dog bites. Policies generally cover dog bite liability if the dog damages another person’s property or injures someone. The largest insurer in the United States paid over $136 million in claims relating to injuries by dogs.

Dog bites can lead to injuries that cost thousands to treat. There is also the issue of lost wages for adults and the trauma for young children. If an individual has experienced a dog bite, it may be helpful to allow a personal injury attorney to review the case. It may be possible to receive for medical bills and lost wages but also for the pain and suffering caused by the attack.

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