Settlement reached between NFL and players

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Brain Injury |

Wisconsin residents who are fans of the NFL will be happy to hear that the league has reached an agreement that will settle approximately 4,500 concussion-related lawsuits. The settlement involves $765 million to be used for accident and medical research and exams. An announcement of the settlement came from a federal judge following months of court-ordered mediation between the NFL and the plaintiffs, which include 10 Pro Football Hall of Fame members.

One of the plaintiffs has spoken positively of the agreement, saying that from the settlement will take a burden off of players who are currently suffering from medical conditions. He stated that these individuals would not have to start or continue to make medical choices based on a limited amount of funds. Another plaintiff who was satisfied with the results points to just how many former NFL players there are and how many will benefit from the results of the suit.

Still, not everyone is completely satisfied with the settlement amount; some believe it is rather low. However, the case was a simple one, and at one point, there was a possibility that the lawsuit would be dismissed. Thanks to the settlement, all former players will benefit from access to a brain assessment program. of up to five million dollars for discovered medical conditions will be made available to players and their families.

Brain injuries and related medical conditions can be both expensive and require long-term treatment. If someone has been injured due to someone’s negligence or as a result of their job, a lawyer could help them understand their legal options. A lawyer could also help individuals pursue to cover expenses related to recovery.

Source: USA Today, “NFL reaches concussion settlement“, Gary Mihoces, August 29, 2013


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