Wisconsin boy seriously injured by unlicensed pit bull

by | Nov 29, 2013 | Animal Bites |

The owner of a female pit bull was issued a quarantine order after the dog attacked a 7-year-old boy in Racine. According to police, the dog was found to be both unvaccinated and unlicensed. As a result of the attack, the young victim sustained serious injuries and was transported to a local hospital. There have been no reports as to whether the boy’s family plans to file a personal injury claim against the dog owner.

The dog bite injury occurred in the 2800 block of 16th Street on Nov. 22 at around 5 p.m.While the young boy was playing with his cousin, a dog became disturbed by the noise. The dog then ran and attacked the boy until the boy’s mother and a man were able to pull the dog away. During the attack, the boy suffered serious injuries down to the bone.

Following the dog attack, the boy was transported to Wheaton Franciscan-All Saints Hospital and then Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for treatment of his severe injuries. The boy’s mother also required medical treatment after suffering from a puncture wound to her hand. It is unclear whether the man who was involved sustained any injuries.

To seek from the dog owner, the boy’s family may wish to file a personal injury claim on his behalf. In addition to for medical expenses, the family may ask for monetary for his pain and suffering. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to help the family build their case by gathering testimony from witnesses who were at the scene, the police report and medical records. A legal case may also result in termination of the unvaccinated dog who caused the injuries.

Source: The Journal Times, “7-year-old sent to hospital after serious dog bite“, Stephanie Jones, November 25, 2013


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