3-vehicle crash in Wisconsin injures 4 people

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Car Accidents |

On Dec. 28, a three-car accident occurred after a pedestrian at a crossing initiated the flashing yellow signal warning motorists to slow down. Four people were injured as a result of the incident. Since May 2012, at least three other collisions have been reported at this same pedestrian crossing. At 2:02 p.m., the pedestrian activated the yellow signal and crossed without incident. A Land Rover heading east on Ogden Avenue stopped for the signal, but two vehicles behind the Land Rover did not stop. The second vehicle rear-ended the SUV. Then, the third vehicle rear-ended the second vehicle, and the force of the impact sent the second vehicle into the Land Rover again.

The driver of the Land Rover was not injured in the crash. The 66-year-old driver of the second vehicle was also not injured, but she was cited for not reducing her speed to prevent a car accident.

The 68-year-old female driver of the third vehicle, however, suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to a hospital. Three passengers, including 2 children, were also transported to the hospital for treatment. The third driver was also cited for not reducing her speed to prevent a car accident.

Several factors could cause a car accident, including at least one driver failing to signal, obey traffic signals and signs, reduce his or her speed or consider traffic or weather conditions. Individuals who suffer injuries in car accidents could be entitled to for medical expenses if the crashes are not their fault. The reparations might cover the bills the victims incurred as a result of treating their injuries and the wages that the individuals lost during their recovery period.

Source: The Doings Hinsdale, “Four injured after pedestrian crossing signal activated in Western Springs”, Jane Michaels, December 30, 2013


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