Man’s fall from Wisconsin roller coaster caused brain injury

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Going out with your family for a day of fun at an amusement park is something that you probably don’t expect to end in tragedy. You probably expect to have fun and enjoy riding the rides. You likely expect that those rides have been properly maintained and tested for safety. Sadly, that isn’t always the case.

On March 6, 2014, a man was riding on the Opa! Rollercoaster when he was thrown from ride. The 63-year-old man fell 17 feet. Up until Monday, the man had been in a coma and dependent on a respirator. Despite him coming out of the coma, it is uncertain what the long-term effects of his brain injury will be, according to the family’s attorney.

Investigators from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services found that mechanical parts were worn on the ride. Their report noted that the lap bar didn’t lock into place during operation because of the worn mechanical parts. Additionally, the report notes that the group’s weight was estimated to be 720 pounds, which was greater than the 660-pound limit for the car on the ride. The investigation noted several violations in relation to the accident.

In response to the findings, the Mt. Olympus theme park issued a statement saying that the internal investigation into the incident didn’t find the same violations noted in the DSPS report. The park does agree that the lap bar was properly assembled and installed. Despite the contention over the investigation, Mt. Olympus says the ride won’t reopen. Instead, it will be dismantled.

This man suffered a horrific injury after falling from this ride. An official investigation found safety violations that may have led to those injuries. This family now likely faces financial difficulties because of the man’s injuries and hospitalization.

Anyone who has been the victim of a similar incident might have the right to seek for his or her injuries. Understanding your rights and responsibilities is vital to ensure that you are doing what must be done during the process.

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