Can you prevent a car accident involving a motorcycle?

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Car Accidents |

By now, everyone has likely seen at least some of the public service announcements about keeping a lookout for motorcycles. Some people choose to pay attention to those warnings, but other people think that this isn’t something that is important. It is, however, very important for all drivers to watch out for motorcycles because bikers are at an increased risk of injury when they are involved in an accident.

The executive vice president of the Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin notes that when it comes to motorcycles, drivers must see the biker as a person and not just the motorcycle. It is equally as important for drivers not to leave smaller areas of navigation for motorcycles because the stopping distance for motorcycles is comparable to that of passenger vehicles. When the pavement is wet, however, motorcycles need extra room to stop because of the difficulty of stopping with only two wheels.

The executive vice president also adds a reminder that motorcycles often look like they are farther away than what they truly are. This is partially because of the smaller size and profile of these vehicles. This is the same principle also applies to why motorists needs to keep an eye out for bikers who are shifting positions within a lane.

Proper response when an accident occurs with a motorcycle is also vital to ensure bikers stay as safe as possible. Any driver can do this by making sure to check for injuries and calling an ambulance when necessary after an accident.

Any biker who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by someone else has the right to seek for those injuries. Knowing how to seek might take some of the stress out of the process.

Source: Lacrosse Tribune, “Keeping Motorcyclists Safe on Wisconsin Roads” No author given, Jun. 18, 2014


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