Graduate misses ceremony because of serious car accident

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Most high school graduates want everything to be perfect on the day of graduation. Even if it means having to run around like crazy just prior to the ceremony, the energy of the graduation is usually all these graduates need to get things done. Sadly, one Wisconsin graduate’s need to get last minute errands completed put her in the path of a drunk driver. The horrible accident that happened ended up costing the girl her chance to attend her high school graduation.

The girl was graduating from Bay Port High School when she had to run to the Bay Park Square mall. As she was driving on U.S. 41, a drunk driver who was going the wrong way slammed into her vehicle. The graduate, who was driving at the time of the car accident, her father from out of state and her little sister were all taken to the hospital after the accident. Ultimately, the trio might opt to seek for the medical care expenses from the at-fault driver.

Even though she missed her graduation, the girl might still have the chance to have a ceremony. School officials have offered her the opportunity to have a ceremony where she will be presented with her diploma. She would also have a chance to have her pictures taken at the school.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t her fault, the graduate’s mother feels guilty. She says she should have gone to do the errands the night before, but they were running late and that both she and the graduate had to work.

It was determined that wrong-way driver was more than three times the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration. As it turns out, the man was possibly suicidal because he was asked to not attend his daughter’s graduation that day. He was allegedly drunk. He is now facing charges in connection with the accident.

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