Car accident involving tractor sends 2 to the hospital

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Living in a farming community means having to keep a vigilant watch for slow moving farm equipment, even along the public roadways. Failing to watch out for these large, but slow vehicles, can lead to serious accidents that can injure not only the person driving the vehicle, but also the driver of the farm equipment. An accident that happened along County Highway HH shows how life-altering an accident between a vehicle and farm equipment can be.

The tractor was driving along the right shoulder of the highway when a car hit the left back tire of the tractor. Both drivers were injured in the accident. The driver of the tractor was taken to a local hospital and then released. The driver of the car was airlifted to UW-Madison Hospital with injuries that were considered to be life-threatening. The roadway was closed for around four hours after the accident.

Driving on any roadway that is also used by tractors and other farm equipment means that drivers might have to slow down as they follow the slower moving vehicles. Instead of trying to rush around them or blow past them, drivers should make sure that they are safely maneuvering around them to avoid motor vehicle accidents.

Anyone who is injured in an accident caused by a driver sharing the roadway might opt to seek relief through the court system for their injuries. These complainants should understand their rights to seek , as well as what responsibilities they take on during the court proceedings. All of this knowledge can work to get the victims of accidents the they need to reduce the financial impact of the accident.

Source: Wisconsin Ag Connection, “Man Hurt in Vehicle vs. Tractor Accident” Jul. 24, 2014


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