Motor vehicle accident involving school bus injures 13 students

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Car Accidents |

When students get on a school bus, the last thing those students expect is to get injured in an accident. For members of Wisconsin’s Pulaski volleyball teams, coming back to school after a match ended with students being injured and a passenger in a car that collided with the bus dying. The accident happened on a flat stretch of dry roadway.

The accident happened on Wisconsin 29 coming into Pulaski from Seymour. While authorities aren’t releasing the cause of the accident, it is evident that the students who were involved in the accident were, at the very least, shaken up by the accident. Not only will students have to deal with physical injuries, they might also have to deal with emotional distress.

There were 22 students on the bus. Of those, 13 were injured. Five of the students were taken to the hospital via ground transport. The three coaches and the bus driver weren’t hurt in the motor vehicle accident. The students who were uninjured were taken from the scene by their parents who hurried over once they learned of the accident. Some of the students were crying.

The driver of the car that collided with the school bus suffered from life-threatening injuries. Her 24-year-old passenger is the person who was killed.

Accidents involving school buses can be very serious. For those who are injured and the loved ones of those who die in these accidents, coping with the financial distress of the accident may be necessary because of medical bills. In those cases, seeking from the responsible party might be a way they can lessen the money troubles caused by the accident.

Source: Green Bay Press Gazette, “1 killed as school bus, car collide near Pulaski” Doug Schneider, Sep. 03, 2014


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