The symptoms of a brain jury

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Did you know that brain injuries are so serious that more than 100 people die while suffering from them each day in the United States? These injuries can occur while playing sports, while on the job, or when you are involved in a car accident — and that is just scratching the surface.

Since these injuries are so common and so dangerous, people must know what signs to look for. Understanding the symptoms can help these injuries to be spotted quickly so that they can be given the proper medical treatment.

While symptoms can vary widely from one case to the next, some of the most common ones include feeling extremely drowsy, past the point of simply being tired, or feeling numbness in part of the body. On top of that, people who have been hurt could be suffering from severe headaches, which may be long-lasting or reoccurring, or they could be slurring their speech.

Furthermore, dizziness is a sign of a significant brain injury, as is a feeling of weakness that may impact a person’s arms or legs. If the person starts to complain about a loss of vision, even though the person’s eyes have not been injured, it could be due to a brain injury. Someone could also talk about things like feeling the need to throw up, or he or she could simply seem very confused, even over simple things.

This list does not cover all possible signs, as injuries are all different and the symptoms manifest themselves in different ways. However, those in Wisconsin who have been hurt in this way and who need medical treatment may also want to look into their rights to for that treatment.

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