What types of animal attacks are covered under Wisconsin law?

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When most people think of injuries caused by animal bites, they automatically think of dog bites. While it is true that dog bites are serious incidents, they aren’t the only animals that can bite a person and cause injury. Regardless of the type of animal that bit you, it is important for you to know that you do have the right to seek from the animal’s owner so that you aren’t the person who is stuck paying the financial cost of the bite.

How can I seek for an animal bite?

In order to seek for an animal attack, you have to go through the civil courts. When you opt to do this, you have to prove that you were injured by the animal. You might also have to prove that you weren’t trespassing or provoking the animal, depending on the circumstances surrounding the bite, according to FindLaw. Making these assertions often isn’t as complicated in Wisconsin because Wisconsin is a strict liability state when it comes to dog bites.

If you are bitten by other animals, such as wild animals that are owned or kept by a person, you might have the right to receive . The laws in these cases can vary greatly depending on the type of animal that caused the injury.

Can I be compensated for other animal-related injuries?

Some injuries aren’t incurred because of bites. One example of this would be when a person gets kicked by a horse. It might be possible in cases like that to be compensated. In those cases, however, there might be a defense that the horse owner can use that says the person who was injured assumed the risk of being kicked by opting to go around the horse. Because of the complex nature of those laws, it is important for you to understand how to apply specific laws to the case you are presenting.

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