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Driving down the road and seeing a semi-truck accident is a horrifying experience. Now, imagine that you are the person who was in the accident with the semi-truck. That experience would be even more terrifying than just seeing the accident. For people who have been involved in a semi-truck accident, learning about some of the common causes of these accidents might help them to decide if they would like to seek through Wisconsin courts.

Some semi-truck accidents are caused by actions of the trucker or the trucker’s employer. These are the accidents in which it is more likely to be awarded . In some cases, the trucker might be subjected to unrealistic expectations from the trucking company. This might include unrealistic schedules. It can also include reward or systems that encourage drivers to drive faster or drive longer hours.

Some truck accidents might be caused by direct actions of the trucker. Failing to drive in a safe manner and inadequate training are two reasons why truckers might cause accidents. If a driver is distracted or fatigued, an accident might occur.

There are some semi-truck accidents that are caused by passenger vehicle drivers. Failing to react to a semi-truck legally changing lanes is one reason why a passenger vehicle might cause a truck accident. Driving in the zero visibility zone, getting caught in crosswinds and trying to pass a turning truck are some of the other common ways cars can cause truck accidents.

If it is determined that the semi-truck driver or the trucker’s employer were to blame for the accident, seeking is something you might choose to do. In those cases, having someone who is familiar with these types of cases can help you get the you deserve.

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