Snake bite at store leads to personal injury of shopper

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Animal Bites |

When you decide to do a remodeling job on your home, you might head to the home improvement store to look at different items and decide what you want. If you are shopping for kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, you will probably open up those cabinets to see the inside. Imagine if you opened up one of those cabinets and a snake jumped out at you. That is what happened to one man when he went to Lowe’s Home Improvement Center.

The chicken snake bit the man between his eyes and wrapped around the man’s head. The snake had to be cut off from the man when first responders got to the scene. Fortunately, the snake that bit the man wasn’t a poisonous man. The man, however, was taken to a hospital.

It is hard to say how the snake got into the cabinet, but one expert thinks that it might have come in with the shipment from a warmer climate. Since snakes aren’t outdoors much during cooler weather, they can sometimes be found in warmer areas like garages and other similar places.

While this incident didn’t happen in Wisconsin, it is an important reminder that not all animal bites that occur are from dogs or other domesticated animals. This man suffered a great deal since the snake bit him in the face.

Anyone who suffers from an animal bite of any kind has the right to seek for that animal bite. That can help to cover medical bills and other expenses related to the bite.

Source: WMC Action News 5, “Witness to snake bite at N. Mississippi Lowe’s speaks out” Michael Clark, Jan. 20, 2015


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