Fatal accident claims the life of a bicyclist struck by truck

by | Mar 26, 2015 | Wrongful Death |

As the warmer months close in, bicyclists are going to start sharing the roadways with vehicles more and more. All drivers have to make sure they keep a lookout for bicycles because an accident between a bicycle and a vehicle can be serious. In fact, these accidents can often be deadly. A recent accident in Sheboygan County claimed the life of a bicycle rider.

The accident occurred on County Road A when a pickup truck struck a bicyclist just north of State Road 28. The bicyclist was airlifted to St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay Monday morning. Sadly, the bicyclist was pronounced dead Monday afternoon.

It isn’t believed that speed or alcohol played a part in the fatal accident. Still, this young man lost his life while trying to ride his bike.

All drivers should remember that bicycle riders are afforded the same rights as vehicles when on the public roadways. Drivers should be patient when they share the roadway with a bicyclist. Sharing the roadways with bicyclists might mean having to slow down for a bit until it is safe to pass the bicyclists; however, respecting bicyclists can help to save lives as Wisconsin enjoys the warmer temperatures.

Because of the severity of injuries caused by bicycle-vehicle accidents, some victims opt to seek to help cover the expenses associated with the injuries. When the cyclist passes away because of the accident, the family members who are left to deal with the final arrangements might opt to seek for their loved one’s death to help cover those unexpected expenses.

Source: Sheboygan Press, “Police ID Sheboygan bicyclist killed in crash,” March. 24, 2015


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