Losing a loved one through wrongful death or catastrophic injury

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Wrongful Death |

Any traffic accident is a horrible event for the people involved. Just last week, we discussed an accident that claimed the life of a bicyclist when he was struck by a pickup truck. That is a harrowing reminder of how important it is for drivers to pay attention when they drive. Unfortunately, not all drivers are vigilant when they are on the roadways.

Reading the newspaper or watching the news also hammers the point home. You might learn about pedestrian accidents, motor vehicle accidents and semi-truck accidents. All of these have a common thread — those accidents can turn deadly.

For the family members of the victim who was killed, the accident is only the first event in a string of hard events. Those left behind have to deal with the final arrangements of their loved one. They have to deal with the loss of companionship since their loved one isn’t around any longer. We know that all of that comes together to make the entire situation a difficult one to deal with.

Some people don’t have to deal with the loss of a loved one after an accident. Instead, they have to deal with learning how to help a loved one live with a spinal cord injury or a brain injury. While their loved one is physically there, things might not be the same. The loved one may need extensive care because of the injury.

In either case, whether a catastrophic injury or a wrongful death, we know that the financial impact is great. Exploring your options for seeking might help you to decide on a plan of action.


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