Spinal cord injuries have special considerations for children

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

Being involved in a truck accident is something that is traumatic in any case. When that truck accident leads to your child suffering from a spinal cord injury, the trauma is long-lasting. Your child who was once active and self-sufficient might be suffering from paralysis and other difficulties. For parents, coping with the changes that must occur and helping the child to overcome the injury can often prove complicated.

One of the first things a parent must do is work to understand the location of the injury and how the location of the spinal cord injury might affect the recovery goals for the child. When that is determined, the parent can work to find a rehabilitation center or program that can help the child. Because a child’s recovery is much different from an adult’s recovery, it is vital that the rehab center or program is geared toward children. The staff should be accustomed to working with children.

Another important factor to consider is how the child will continue with schooling. Some rehab facilities have schooling programs, but parents will have to ensure that the school program is up to par so that the child doesn’t fall behind.

Because children need a well-rounded childhood, it is vital that some parts of therapy allow the child to experience new things. A child who is allowed to participate in non-rehab activities, such as therapeutic recreation programs, might fare better.

It is vital that the parents and the child feel comfortable with the program or center they choose. Money might limit the available options, but parents might choose to seek to help offset the monetary costs of rehab.

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