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Insurance is important for every company. In Wisconsin, virtually every employee is covered, with a few narrow exceptions. While some employers may feel it is a burden because it is an added expense, the reality is most employers will experience some workplace injuries to their employees. ‘ insurance is valuable to employers because it fixes your costs and protects your .

While it does cost employers something, it should be viewed like the electric bill, and as an expense of keeping your doors open. If your employees present a low risk of workplace injuries, such as those working in an office, your premiums are likely to be equally low.


If your work involves more dangerous occupations, such as construction, your premiums are likely to be higher, but the insurance provides very strong protection, no matter the size of the potential .

For employees, the system provides more quickly than if they had to file a lawsuit and spend potentially years in litigation before they could collect a payment. For an injured worker, incurring medical bills, unable to work or earn income, such a system would leave many bankrupt long before a final judgment was made.

In addition, there would be a danger that employers could themselves declare bankruptcy and go out of business to avoid a judgment, leaving an employee without any .

In spite of these advantages, the current system is not easy to deal with for many when they are attempting to recover from their injuries and the process can be intimidating.

If you have suffered a workplace injury, an attorney can help advise you on your options and how to file an accurate and timely claim. The technical details of these filings can be important, and it is essential that you follow the proper procedures and meet all deadlines to ensure your claim is eligible and you obtain the you need.

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