Is still a grand bargain?

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Firm News |

‘ has been called a grand bargain, because it removed many workplace injury cases from the personal injury dockets and placed them within a regulated insurance system that would quickly provide the needed benefits for injured to recover from workplace accidents.

But as salaries and other rights have eroded during the last few decades, states have cut back on ‘ , often under the cover of attacking fraud and abuse but it has primarily resulted in reduced the benefits of many .

While complex regulations can be a problem, they are also necessary to prevent fraud. For employees, it is important to understand how the rules work and to follow the proper procedures for reporting injuries and making claims.

may be confused by the system and the process, and sometimes it may help to have the assistance of an attorney with the claim. Mistakes made early in the process can interfere with a worker receiving the help they need to recover from their injuries and return to work.

An important element of a robust ‘ system for a state like Wisconsin is that it helps both injured and all other . It promotes behavior and practices by employers that recognize the importance of safety on the job.

know when their lives are at risk and word gets around, so employers who operate a safe workplace will also have better ability to find quality employees and save training cost and time lost to injured .

By making safety a priority, employers can improve morale among , which leads to a more productive workforce and help lower their ‘ insurance premium by the reduction in injuries.

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