Details and deadlines can derail your ‘ claim

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Firm News |

‘ laws can be complex. Determining whether an injury arose out of the course of employment may be obvious or may less clear. When the injury occurred may be easy to identify, as in the case of a car accident or a fall from a roof. Other workplace injuries may be less obvious. In the case of some diseases, it may be difficult to identify if it is tied to the workplace or to outside causes, as in the case of lung cancer.

However, these dates can be very important as they may control whether an injury is compensable. The deadlines of when you can file a claim vary by state, so if you move to find work or because of a job, you should be careful to pay attention to the time periods in your new state as they may be different.

Of course, if you are injured and undergoing medical treatment and therapy, worrying about filing deadlines and whether a document has been properly filed may be the last thing on your mind.

A ‘ attorney can be helpful for your claim because they understand the laws in Wisconsin and can explain all of the technical requirements necessary for your filing. They will explain the deadlines you may face, the type of information you will need to provide, and they will deal with the communication with the insurer.

The advantage to having such a representative is that they understand the procedure, they know what the interpretation of the regulations and the cases are and what they may mean for you claim.

Because your ‘ claim is an insurance process, having a representative who understands the process and can quickly respond to inquiries can help reduce your stress and allow you to concentrate on your recovery.


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